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Application and Function

Schlüter-VINPRO-T is a T-shaped profile made of anodised aluminium, which is retrofitted to create transitions between adjoining resilient floor coverings of the same height (e.g. LVT flooring and laminate, parquet etc.).

The joint chamber between the adjoining coverings is initially pre-filled with the adhesive Schlüter-KERDI-FIX or an equivalent to attach the Schlüter-VINPRO-T profile, followed by pressing the spacer of the transition profile into the channel.

Schlüter-VINPRO-T overlaps the adjoining covering materials and thus protects the edges against damage from mechanical stress.



  1. To install the VINPRO-T transition profile, the joint cavity must be at least 3 mm deep and free from debris. Substances which inhibit adhesion must be removed from the sides of the joint.
  2. Pre-fill the joint chamber with Schlüter-KERDI-FIX or an equivalent material. Then press the vertical spacer of VINPRO-T into the filled joint until the lateral spacers are completely flush with the edges of the covering.
  3. Remove any excess adhesive that has squeezed out from underneath the profile anchoring legs with a suitable cleaner.


Schlüter-VINPRO-T is available in the following materials:

  • ACGB = Brushed chrome anodised aluminium
  • ATGB = Brushed titanium anodised aluminium (colour may differ from other Schlüter profiles in ATGB finish)
  • ABGB = Brushed antique bronze anodised aluminium

Material properties and areas of application:
In applications exposed to chemical or mechanical stresses, the profile’s suitability must be verified. The information provided below is intended as a general guideline.

Anodised aluminium: The aluminium features an anodised finish that may be damaged by aggressive substances or abrasive stresses. Damage to the anodised surface can be restored with paint.



Schlüter-VINPRO-T requires no special maintenance or care. Do not use abrasive cleaning agents on the sensitive surfaces.

Damage to the anodised surface can be restored with paint. All cleaning agents must be free of hydrochloric and hydrofluoric acid.






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