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  1. Select Schlüter®-TREP-FL according to tile thickness.
  2. Set the covering material on the riser so that the top edge of the covering is at the correct height.
  3. Apply suitable tile adhesive along the edge area above the riser.
  4. Embed Schlüter®-TREP-FL fully in the tile adhesive and align the profile in such a way that the profile’s overhanging edge is flush with the riser tile after applying adhesive.
  5. In the case of Schlüter®-TREP-FL-AE, which is made of aluminium, the inner rounded cavity at the profile’s front edge must also be filled with suitable tile adhesive prior to installing the tiles.
  6. Completely cover the perforated anchoring leg and the tread area with tile adhesive.
  7. Firmly press the tread tile into place and adjust it in such a way that the tiled surface is flush with the top of the profile. All tiles in the profile area must be solidly bedded.
  8. A joint of approximately 2 mm should be left between the tile and the profile.
  9. Fill the joint completely with grout.

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