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Schlüter®-BEKOTEC screed

The BEKOTEC system

Thin screed assemblies without joints

Schlüter®-BEKOTEC is a safe assembly system for crack-free, non-buckling and functionally safe screeds with coverings made of ceramic tiles, natural stone, and other materials. The system is based on the patented studded polystyrene screed panel Schlüter®-BEKOTEC-EN, which is directly installed on top of load-bearing substrates or conventional insulation panels. Thanks to its low assembly height, BEKOTEC not only requires less space, but also results in significant material and weight savings compared to conventional screed systems, since the screed only has to cover the studs by 8 mm.

As part of the heated ceramic thermal comfort floor Schlüter®-BEKOTEC-THERM, the system forms a thin, energy-efficient, and highly responsive floor heating system that is ideally suited for new construction and renovation projects alike.

The right choice for every application area

The Advantages


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On the safe side: Schlüter-Systems offers a five-year warranty for the cover assembly‘s suitability for use and absence of damage, provided all installation instructions were observed and the covering is used as intended.

Low assembly height

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Compared to conventional screeds, the Schlüter®-BEKOTEC system saves up to 37 mm in construction height, making it an ideal solution for renovation projects. The assembly height depends on the installed studded panel. When using BEKOTEC-EN 12 FK, the assembly height can be as low as 20 mm plus uncoupling membrane and covering. BEKOTEC is also available with an integrated insulation layer.

Material and weight savings

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The estimated screed volume of a conventional screed floor is 61 liters or 122 kg/m². The Schlüter®-BEKOTEC system reduces this volume to quantities between 56 and 40 kg/m², depending on the selected type of studded panel. Accordingly, BEKOTEC can save up to 40 litres or 80 kilograms per square meter–an advantage that is also clearly reflected in the design calculation.

No buckling, no cracks, no joints

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Contraction buckling may occur during the curing phase of screed and affect the entire area. In BEKOTEC covering assemblies, any contraction that occurs is absorbed by the studded pattern of the screed panel. Once cured, the screed is therefore free of inherent stresses, making it virtually impossible for buckling to occur in the area. BEKOTEC assemblies therefore don‘t show problems such as torn joints at the floor-wall transition and in skirtings.

Since tensions are evenly absorbed over the entire area, no construction reinforcement or control joints are required in the screed. Properly installed BEKOTEC assemblies with the bonded uncoupling membrane Schlüter®-DITRA also ensure that no cracks can form in the covering.

With the Schlüter®-BEKOTEC system, the design of movement joints can be matched to the selected joint pattern of the covering, since the screed can be built without joints and any intermediate or daywork joints can be covered with DITRA and are not continued to the surface covering.

Of course, the general rules for the dimensions of covering segments still have to be followed.

Short construction time

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Thanks to its easy installation and material savings, screeds made with Schlüter®- BEKOTEC can be installed much quicker. What’s more, the bonded uncoupling membrane Schlüter®-DITRA ensures that the screed can be covered with ceramic tiles, natural or artificial stone as soon as the screed is able to bear weight.

This eliminates long waiting times for screed curing and CM measurements and cuts up to four weeks out of construction time–a huge advantage for new construction and renovation projects alike. The residual moisture level for calcium sulfate and anhydrite screeds must be below 2 CM%.

Screed properties

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Screeds used with Schlüter®-BEKOTEC do not require expensive specialty materials. You can use conventional CT/CAC25 F4 screeds without reinforcement that can be mixed with a screed pump or a drum mixer. Poured screeds are as suitable as moist screeds.

Quicker installation pace

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The installation pace for conventional screed is about 70 m² per day. With Schlüter®- BEKOTEC, this can be increased to approx. 100 m² per day.

Time-consuming auxiliary work such as creating movement joints in the screed, installing reinforcement mesh, or adding costly additives is not necessary. In addition, the required screed volume is significantly lower.

Highly durable

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Floor assemblies with Schlüter®-BEKOTEC are highly durable and long-lived the system can easily withstand loads up to 5 kN/m² in residential and commercial structures.

Impact sound

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Schlüter®-BEKOTEC-EN 18 FTS is a special solution. It includes an integrated 5 mm sound insulation layer, which reduces impact sound emissions by up to 25 dB, although the assembly height is just a convenient 31 mm.

This creates a valuable added benefit for restorations and renovation projects that also pleases the neighbors.

Free design choices

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Because of the safe Schlüter®-BEKOTEC assembly, there are no restrictions regarding the size of tiles and pavers. Even large-scale elements can be installed without problems and remain permanently free of damage.

Suitable for all covering materials

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In addition to ceramic tiles or natural stone, Schlüter®-BEKOTEC is of course also suited for all other surface coverings and can be used as a universal system in combination with parquet, laminate, linoleum, PVC, or carpeting. If these materials are used, they are directly installed on the screed without DITRA. In that case, the height of the screed has to be adjusted to the corresponding covering materials and the applicable material-specific residual moisture level of the screed must be observed.

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