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Smooth surfaces and rounded edges

Glazing gives tiles a smooth surface. Tiled wall surfaces reduce the hazard of skin scrapes,  but outside wall corners are problematic. Tiled edges should be protected against mechanical impact. 

Rounded edge protection profiles of stainless steel protect people from sharp outer wall corners and the tile coverings. Hospitals and nursing homes use Schlüter®-ECK-E und Schlüter®-ECK-K to protect outer wall corners from the impact of wheelchairs and beds.



Schlüter®-ECK-E is a stainless steel corner profile for external wall corners with tiled surfaces, which offers stable edge protection. The perforated anchoring legs are embedded in the tile adhesive during tile installation.
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Schlüter®-ECK-K /-KHK /-KI

Schlüter®-ECK-K /-KHK /-KI

Schlüter®-ECK-K /-KI/-KHK are stainless steel corner profiles for retrofitting on external corners of tile or other wall coverings.
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