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  1. Schlüter®-SHOWERPROFILE-WS can be used in flush assemblies with any tile thickness from 8 mm.
  2. Install the tile covering to the position where the splashguard profile Schlüter®-SHOWERPROFILE-WS is to be installed. 
  3. Apply tile mortar to the back of the profile in accordance with the tile thickness and push it in place until the surface is flush with the adjoining tile covering.
  4. Leave a joint of approximately 1.5 mm and completely fill the space between the tile and the profile with grout.
  5. Use suitable materials and tools for sensitive surfaces to avoid scratches or other damage. Residue of mortar and tile adhesive should be removed immediately.
  6. Corner formations must be created with mitre cuts.
  7. Cut the lip inserts Schlüter®-SHOWERPROFILE- WSL or -WSC to size and push them into the groove of the profile.


  1. Clean the covering to which the profile is to be adhered.
  2. Adhere Schlüter®-SHOWERPROFILE-WSK with the installation adhesive Schlüter®-KERDI-FIX or an equivalent product. Apply a line of adhesive on the underside in the area of the two outer edges and set the profile in place. Remove all substances, lubricants etc. that may weaken the bond from the adhesive areas prior to applying the sealant.
  3. Remove any excess adhesive that is squeezed out underneath the profile with a suitable detergent.
  4. Corner junctions must be created with mitre cuts.
  5. Cut the lip inserts Schlüter®-SHOWERPROFILE-WSL or Schlüter®-SHOWERPROFILE-WSC to size and push them into the groove of the profile.
    Note: The profile protrudes about 8 mm over the surface of the covering. Seal the open end areas with the installation adhesive Schlüter®-KERDI-FIX or an equivalent product.

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