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Schlüter launches four new RIBA-accredited CPD seminars

We are now offering architects, specifiers and designers the chance to keep up to date with the latest in essential tiling protection with the launch of four new and unique CPD seminars.

The RIBA Accredited CPD seminars, lasting 45 minutes each, allow individuals to remain up to date with changes in practice and standards so that they can make informed decisions about which products to specific for their projects.

Run free of charge at times and locations to suit including lunch, the training sessions, which cover a diverse range of topics including solutions for tiling balconies, laying underfloor heating and installing wetrooms.

In “Integrated Solutions for Tiled Wetrooms” seminar, the company’s popular waterproofing and wetroom range will be explored and explained.

Ian Knifton, Head of Technical and Training, commented, “The session will provide all the information and knowledge needed, from an integrated approach, on the solutions for wetroom installations at design and specification stage, and we hope that by the end of the seminar participants will have gained confidence in specifying an integrated solution for wetroom installations.”

The second seminar being run is called “Movement Joints and Uncoupling Membranes for Tiled Coverings”.

The session will provide information on how to solve problems such as moisture movement in the substrate or drying shrinkage by specifying the appropriate movement joints and uncoupling membranes in specifications.

Ian said, “Participants will come away from the seminar confident in being able to specify movement joints and uncoupling membranes to counteract stresses and prevent future problems, such as failed sealed connections, cracked tiles and joints, from occurring.”

Creating a patio, balcony or terrace that lasts the test of time is the third topic to be explored in our brand new seminar, “Balcony and Terrace Solutions for Tile and Stone Coverings”.

The seminar will discuss the importance of using effective modern methods of construction to ensure lasting balcony and terrace installations. It will also explain the importance of waterproofing measures and will look at some of the benefits of the different products currently available on the market.

Ian commented, “We will look at how to avoid some of the common problems of balcony construction and refurbishment as well study the product specification process for tiling balconies.”

The final seminar being offered will study the benefits of “Modular Underfloor Heating Systems for Ceramic Tiled Floors”.

The seminar will explain how these systems help to protect ceramic tile and natural stone floor coverings from cracking, splitting, tenting and debonding and will also explore the theory behind modular screed systems.

Ian said: “Participants will gain an in-depth understanding on how the reduced height and weight benefits of modular screed systems overcome the traditionally associated problems of tile coverings; we will also discuss electrical comfort heating in detail.”

All seminars include a 15 minute question and answer session and participants will receive a certificate upon completion. We also offer the option to book time to discuss specific project requirements after each CPD, where we can help with immediate advice on current projects or general specification of tile and stone.

Anyone interested in booking a training session should make enquiries by emailing or by calling Tel: 01530 813396. We also offer a form on the bottom of the page at

With over 15 years’ experience of delivering RIBA CPD’s offering advice, guidance and trusted by architects, specifiers and designers nationwide we are confident that our systems and solutions are second to none and ensure the integrity and longevity of tile and stone applications worldwide.

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