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Application and function

Schlüter®-BEKOTEC-DPS is an easy to install screed with extremely low tension for interior and exterior use. Specifically developed for creating floating screeds (as well as bonded screeds) for Schlüter®-BEKOTEC systems (see also product data sheets for the individual Schlüter®-BEKOTEC systems and information provided in the technical manual).

It is installed with a minimum screed cover of 8 mm, and in case of uneven substrates, partially up to a maximum cover of 25 mm over the studs of the Schlüter®-BEKOTEC system panels.

It is therefore suitable as a level substrate for coverings such as ceramic tiles or natural stone (in combination with Schlüter®-DITRA 25, -DITRA-HEAT, or -DITRA-DRAIN 4), and also for PVC, vinyl, parquet or carpet (in this case with a minimum screed cover over the studs of 15 mm min).



Mix the content of the bag (20 kg) with approx. 2.2 to 2.4 litres of clean water – depending on the purpose of use – to a thick-fluid consistency. Suitable mixing equipment includes drills with mixing paddles as well as commercially available screed machines.

Once mixed, the Schlüter®-BEKOTEC-DPS screed can be installed within 2 hours. The curing process is accelerated by high temperatures and slowed down by low temperatures. Only mix the volume of material that can be installed during the processing time in the proper consistency. Install the dry pack screed in a single layer to the corresponding layer thickness in the same manner as conventional screed.

Protect freshly installed screed areas from rapid drying (draft air, high temperatures, direct sunlight etc). Do not install the material if the air and substrate temperatures are below +5 °C or above +30 °C. The indicated curing times refer to +20 °C/65% relative humidity.

Where the surface covering is not being applied immediately, the screed surface should be protected against mechanical damage during the building construction process. Plywood sheets/boards may need to be considered where heavy trafficking is likely or where access equipment is being used.


Material properties and areas of application

The extremely low-tension screed has been specifically developed for use with the BEKOTEC studded system panels EN/P and EN/PF, EN 23 F, EN 18 FTS, EN 12 FK and BEKOTEC-DRAIN studded system panel.

The screed is installed with a minimum coverage of 8 mm over the studs. In case of uneven substrates, the coverage of EN/P, EN/PF, EN 23 F or EN 23 FD panels can be partially increased to max. 25 mm (max. 20 mm for EN 18 FTS, max. 15 mm for EN 12 FK) over the studs. The screed can be installed without joints unless there is a requirement to prevent sound transmission between adjacent rooms. Expansion, movement and/or day joints from the substrate must be continued through the assembly to the surface covering. Edge strips must be installed at all wall transitions, supports etc. in such a way that the screed volume cannot flow underneath (for further information, see the technical product data sheets for individual Schlüter® products).

Prior to installing the screed, heated systems must be pressure tested to rule out leakages. It must be assured that the system is not heated during the installation and curing process of the screed.

The applicable standards and relevant regulations for conventional screed installations must be observed.



Technical information refers to +20 °C/65 % relative humidity.

No additives may be mixed into the screed. Material that has already bonded may not be re-diluted with water. This product contains cement that has an alkaline reaction to moisture/water. Proper skin and eye protection must be used. Wash skin with water in all cases after contact. Immediately seek medical assistance in case of eye contact.

The statements above are based on extensive tests and practical experience. They are not transferable to all application scenarios. We recommend conducting special application tests if required. Technical modifications associated with product optimisation reserved. Subject to our general terms and conditions.




Readiness to apply covering

Prior to installing a covering over the screed, the surface may need to be cleaned mechanically.

  • Ceramic tiles or natural stone can be installed in combination with Schlüter®-DITRA 25, -DITRA-HEAT or -DITRA-DRAIN 4 as soon as the screed is able to bear weight without leaving an indent.
  • Vapour-proof and moisture-sensitive coverings (such as parquet or PVC) should be installed depending on the results of CM measurements.

Readiness to apply coverings depends on the situation of the individual construction site, the layer thickness and the ambient temperature. The curing process is accelerated by high temperatures and slowed down by low temperatures.

Safety statements:

  • Strength class CT-C25-F4 acc. to EN 13813 (BS EN 13813) / DIN 18560
  • Bonding agent as defined in DIN EN 197
  • Quartzite aggregates conforming to DIN EN 13139 (BS EN 13139), 0 - 4 mm aggregate size
  • Quality-monitored
  • Construction material class A 1 – nonflammable
  • Low-chromate




Enjoy our videos showing the product itself as well as possible areas of application.

Schlüter-BEKOTEC and BEKOTEC-SCREED-DPS modular screed system

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