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Mix the content of the bag (20 kg) with approx. 2.2 to 2.4 litres of clean water – depending on the purpose of use – to a thick-fluid consistency. Suitable mixing equipment includes drills with mixing paddles as well as commercially available screed machines.

Once mixed, the Schlüter®-BEKOTEC-DPS screed can be installed within 2 hours. The curing process is accelerated by high temperatures and slowed down by low temperatures. Only mix the volume of material that can be installed during the processing time in the proper consistency. Install the dry pack screed in a single layer to the corresponding layer thickness in the same manner as conventional screed.

Protect freshly installed screed areas from rapid drying (draft air, high temperatures, direct sunlight etc). Do not install the material if the air and substrate temperatures are below +5 °C or above +30 °C. The indicated curing times refer to +20 °C/65% relative humidity.

Where the surface covering is not being applied immediately, the screed surface should be protected against mechanical damage during the building construction process. Plywood sheets/boards may need to be considered where heavy trafficking is likely or where access equipment is being used.

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