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Schlüter® profiles with radius perforations

Various metal Schlüter®-PROFILES with radius perforations are available for the protection of contoured edges. The perforations make it possible to adjust the profile to the contour of the covering edge. Products that are only one metre in length are not available with radius perforations.

Products that are available with radius perforations are labelled as follows in the price catalogue:

Easily Identified

Products that are available with radius perforations are labelled with an orange profile inside the product table.

The tables are to be found in the price list as well as on the product pages.

Product overview


  • Schlüter®-SCHIENE-A*
  • Schlüter®-SCHIENE-AE*
  • Schlüter®-SCHIENE-E* / -E V4A*
  • Schlüter®-SCHIENE-EB*
  • Schlüter®-SCHIENE-M*
  • Schlüter®-SCHIENE-AV*


  • Schlüter®-RENO-MTK**
  • Schlüter®-RENO-ATK**
  • Schlüter®-RENO-AETK**


  • Schlüter®-DECO-A** / -AE**
  • Schlüter®-DECO-M**


  • Schlüter®-QUADEC-A**
  • Schlüter®-QUADEC-AC**
  • Schlüter®-QUADEC-E** / V4A**
  • Schlüter®-QUADEC-EP** / -EB**


  • Schlüter®-JOLLY-ACG*
  • Schlüter®-JOLLY-AMG*
  • Schlüter®-JOLLY-MC**
  • Schlüter®-JOLLY-AC*


  • Schlüter®-RONDEC-A**
  • Schlüter®-RONDEC-AC**
  • Schlüter®-RONDEC-E** / -E V4A**
  • Schlüter®-RONDEC-EP**
  • Schlüter®-RONDEC-EB**


  • Schlüter®-BARA-RT**
  • Schlüter®-BARA-RW**
  • Schlüter®-BARA-RW-E**
  • Schlüter®-BARA-RWL**

* radius at least approx. 1 m
** radius at least approx. 3 m


  • All profiles with the exception of Schlüter®-BARA profiles can be formed quickly and properly with the Schlüter®-RUMA bending machine.
  • Schlüter®-SCHIENE can be formed to a radius from a height of 6 mm, smaller profile heights on request.
  • To order the art. no. of a profile with radius perforations, simply write an "R" before the art. no. of the standard profile (e.g. R / M80 for Schlüter®-SCHIENE-M 80 with radius perforations).
  • For technical reasons, products that are only one metre in length are not available with radius perforations.
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Bending machine for profiles with radius perforations.