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The profile is available in the following finishes:

  • E = stainless steel, V2A, material no. 1.4301 = AISI 304
  • AE = anodised aluminium
  • TS = textured finished aluminium
  • AC = colour coated aluminium

Material properties and areas of application:
Schlüter®-FINEC is produced in a variety of different materials and finishes. In special cases, the suitability of the profile must be verified based on the anticipated chemical and mechanical stresses. The information provided below is intended as a general guideline.

Schlüter®-FINEC-E is made of roll-formed stainless steel V2A (material no. 1.4301). It is particularly well suited for applications that, in addition to heavy mechanical stresses, require resistance to chemicals such as acidic or alkaline media and detergents. Stainless steel is not resistant to all chemical stresses and may be affected by hydrochloric and hydrofluoric acid or certain chloride and brine concentrations. In certain cases, this also applies to seawater pools. Special anticipated stresses should therefore be verified in advance.

Schlüter®-FINEC-AE (anodised aluminium): The aluminium features an anodised finish that retains a uniform appearance during normal use. Visible surfaces should be protected against abrasion.

Aluminium is sensitive to alkaline media. Cementitious materials, in conjunction with moisture, become alkaline. Depending on the concentration and duration of exposure, this may result in corrosion (aluminium hydroxide formation). For this reason, remove mortar or grouting material immediately from all visible areas and do not cover freshly installed coverings with foil. In addition, ensure that the profile is solidly embedded in the setting material to prevent water from accumulating in small cavities.

Schlüter®-FINEC-AC colour coated aluminium: The aluminium is pre-treated (chromeplated) and powder-coated with a polyurethane covering. The coating is colour-stable, as well as UV- and weather-resistant. Visible edges should be protected against abrasion

The surfaces of Schlüter®-FINEC-TS profiles (textured finished aluminium) have a natural appearance (see Schlüter®-FINEC-AC for further properties).

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