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  1. Select Schlüter®-FINEC in accordance with the tile thickness (the aluminium profile with a height of H = 2.5 mm was specifically developed for edging tile to plaster/rendered finishes).
  2. Press the trapezoid perforated anchoring leg of the profile firmly into the adhesive and align it (in the case of adjoining plaster or render place the anchoring leg on a suitable adhesive area first)
  3. Trowel additional adhesive over the trapezoid perforated anchoring leg to ensure full coverage.
  4. Chamfer the rear of the adjoining tiles in the area of the profile at a 45° angle. The installation of 3 way external corners always starts with fully embedding the prefabricated parts of the corner set in the tile adhesive. The following work steps must be observed: 
    1. left corner piece (1 trapezoid perforation)
    2. right corner piece (2 trapezoid perforations)
    3. bottom corner piece (3 trapezoid perforations)
    4. cut the profiles to the corresponding length and install them.
  5. Firmly press the tiles into the adhesive and align them in such a way that the upper profile edge is flush with the tile. The tiles must be fully embedded in the area of the profile.
  6. Leave a joint of approximately 1.5 mm. Completely fill the space between the tile and the profile with grout.
  7. Use suitable materials and tools for the sensitive surfaces to avoid scratches or other damage. Residue of adhesive, plaster or render should be removed immediately, especially from aluminium finishes.

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