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Iserlohn/Bologna - 25.09.2012

Saving energy with ceramic tiles


The innovative ceramic thermal-comfort floor Schlüter®-BEKOTEC-THERM allows for a comfortable room climate while saving energy. At Cersaie in Bologna, Schlüter-Systems is exhibiting the intelligent system that has made it an active partner in the “Saving Energy with Ceramic Tiles” initiative. The concept brings together renowned European retailers, manufacturers, and tile installers – along with their professional associations and industry system partners – to present consumers with solutions for healthy living and energy savings with natural stone and ceramic tile coverings.

The ceramic thermal-comfort floor BEKOTEC-THERM sets new standards. In addition to the many beneficial properties of ceramic or natural stone covering materials, their excellent heat conductivity shines in the effective temperature distribution of heated floors. Floors can be heated and cooled as needed by running water of the desired temperature through pipes installed within the floor assembly.

Of course, the effectiveness of such a heating or cooling area depends significantly on the design of the overall assembly. On one hand, water must be available in the necessary temperature for heating or cooling. At the same time, the heating or cooling area must be able to effectively convert this available water temperature into a comfortable room temperature. In contrast to conventional radiators, floors functioning as heating systems cannot be produced as a ready-made industrial product, but must be individually planned and assembled on site from separate building materials, which can lead to problems. The Schlüter®-BEKOTEC-THERM assembly offers significant advantages for this process.

  • They include simple and reliable installation, short construction time, low assembly height, and effective temperature release. In principle, such floor assemblies must meet three essential requirements:
  • They must fulfill the requirements for a utility area and the associated load absorption specifications;• They must provide the specified heating and cooling;
  • They must meet building code requirements for sound and/or heat insulation layers.

The core of the BEKOTEC system consists of a special studded panel made of foil material or polystyrene, which is installed over conventional insulation panels. The heating pipes are tightly secured between the studs in a specified pattern. In a next step, a conventional screed mortar or poured screed is installed over this studded panel layer, which covers the studs and the heating pipes by just 8 mm. No movement joints or reinforcement mats or chips are required. The heated floor assembly can be started up just seven days after completion for use of the covering area. The ceramic thermal-comfort floor can withstand loads of up to 5 KN/m2 and remains permanently free of cracks and buckles and Schlüter-Systems offers a 5-year warranty for individual projects.

The low screed volume of less than 30 l/m2 results in obvious heating advantages, since the heat exchange between the pipes and the covering occurs directly at the surface of the screed. The interconnected air channels of the uncoupling membrane Schlüter-DITRA between the screed and the tiles release and distribute heat quickly and evenly. This results in an effective and highly responsive ceramic thermal-comfort floor, which can provide the desired comfortable room climates with supply temperatures of approx. 30 °C. And, the lower the supply temperature, the lower the energy need of the system. Because of the low supply temperature, the system is ideally suited for renewable energy sources such as geothermal heat with heat pumps or solar energy.

The Schlüter®-BEKOTEC-THERM assembly may also be used for cooling, using a supply temperature of approx. 17° C. In summary, ceramic tiles, in addition to their numerous other advantages, have obvious benefits over other floor coverings in thermal floor assemblies.    

Advantages at a glance:

  • Low assembly height• Low weight
  • Quick installation time
  • No expansion joints needed in the screed
  • No format restrictions for tiles or natural stone pavers
  • Highly responsive heating and cooling area
  • Low energy consumption
  • Effective use of renewable energy sources
  • 5-year warranty on specific projects
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