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The new BARA-RKKE profile of Schlüter-System is an ideal solution for finishing balcony coverings.

Iserlohn/Bologna - 25.09.2012

Safe drainage of balconies and terraces

Reliable and aesthetic exterior areas

Reliable and aesthetic exterior areas Safe drainage of balconies and terraces  Iserlohn / Bologna. Ceramic tiles or natural stone are ideal coverings for balconies and terraces. They look great, offer a wide range of design options, and are easy to clean. To maintain the beauty of such coverings in the long term in spite of weather influences, it is essential for the installation substrate to effectively protect the covering from damage that may result, for example, from the seepage of moisture. The many system packages of Schlüter-Systems offer perfectly matched solutions for the installation of tiles and natural stone to create permanently beautiful and durable coverings. The exhibit of the company at Cersaie will include new profile solutions for finishing the edges of balconies. 

With its new profiles Schlüter®-BARA-RKK and BARA-RKKE, Schlüter-Systems presents new solutions for the reliable protection of balcony covering edges. 

BARA-RKK is a T-shaped finishing profile with drip-lip for installation over finished sloped screeds. It is particularly well suited for use in bonded waterproofing and uncoupling assemblies with Schlüter®-DITRA 25. Its closed outer edge gives the exterior perimeter of coverings a neat appearance. 

The BARA-RKKE profile also is T-shaped and has a perforated edge. It is ideally suited for use in bonded drainage and uncoupling assemblies with Schlüter®-DITRA-DRAIN 4. Both profiles are perfect solutions for balconies with railings or the renovation of existing balconies with railings, since they feature a drip lip that is close to the balcony assembly. 

The profiles supplement the broad product portfolio of Schlüter-Systems for balcony and terrace construction. The company offers matching system solutions for all types of installations, ranging from uncoupling, drainage and waterproofing assemblies to finishing profiles and gutters. The intelligent assemblies guarantee permanently damage-free and aesthetic exterior areas and are quick to install.

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