More air circulation for better drainage | Schlüter-Systems

More air circulation for better drainage

New bonded drainage and uncoupling system

Even more options for exterior design: With its new Schlüter-DITRA-DRAIN 8 bonded drainage and uncoupling system, Schlüter-Systems is offering an even more powerful passive capillary drainage solution. 

The new solution introduced by the Iserlohn-based company has even greater drainage capacity than the well-established DITRA-DRAIN 4 system.  The permanently effective, passive capillary bonded drainage system consists of a closed polyethylene foil with a pattern of truncated conical studs on one side. A fleece fabric is laminated onto both sides of the foil. The top layer accommodates the thin-set mortar that is used to embed the floor covering materials. The laminated fleece, which can be permeated by water and vapor, allows for quick drying of the tile adhesive. The passive capillary design prevents the water from returning to the covering layer. The bottom fleece layer bonds with the tile adhesive and establishes a connection to the substrate. 

Compared to the well-established DITRA-DRAIN system, the new DITRA-DRAIN 8 system features larger studs, which greatly increase air circulation.  This drains more moisture from the assembly, and  particularly benefits structures in which the quick and reliable drainage of moisture is of great importance, for example larger balconies or terraces or stairs in outdoor areas. The permanently safe drainage of stair assemblies is an important concern, which has been difficult to address until now.  DITRA-DRAIN 8 now provides an efficient solution for this purpose.  The product is a perfect match for the various system assemblies Schlüter offers for outdoor areas.

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