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Application and function

Schlüter-LIPROTEC-ES are high-performance LEDs specifically designed for use in Schlüter light profiles. Depending on the profiles to be used, the LED strips differ in width and the direction of light radiation.

LEDs with controllable colour and colour temperature

Schlüter-LIPROTEC-ES 9 are high-performance LEDs specifically designed for use in Schlüter light profiles. With the especially close arrangement of coloured and white LEDs on a single strip, they enable the high-quality rendering of both coloured light and colour temperature-controllable white light.

All LEDs can be dimmed with the corresponding control technology.

White LEDs with fixed colour temperature

The LED strips of series LT ES 11 to LT ES 61 are available in two different colour temperatures:

  • warm white 3400 Kelvin
    Application examples: Well-being, relaxation, Mediterranean light
  • neutral white 4900 Kelvin
    Application examples: Modern, attention, bright light

Suitable for moist rooms

The LED strips are encapsulated to provide protection against moisture and mechanical impacts to IP65/IP67 (protection against water sprays from all directions).

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= new products

= also with a length of 3 m

= radius perforations available   


H = height
L = length
B = width
T = depth

PL = euro pallet
KV = case packaging
BV = bundle (10 units)
P = box packaging
R = roll
St. = unit


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