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Illuminated profiles in bathrooms, showers and wetrooms

Schlüter®-LIPROTEC profiles not only look good, but are also offer design freedom. The illuminated profiles can be installed in many locations - even in areas that may come into contact with water. Whether shower, bathtub or decorative element, the illuminated profiles simply are a great fit wherever they are installed.

Light in the shower

LEDs and water? Not a problem for Schlüter®-LIPROTEC. The LED strips have a IP65-compliant seal and are therefore protected against splashing water from all directions. Some profile designs can also be used in showers and wetrooms. To make sure no water accumulates in the profiles, they have to be installed vertically.



Schlüter-LIPROTEC-LL is a high-quality, anodised aluminium carrier profile for creating accent lighting in wall coverings and ceilings.
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Bathtubs and vanities

Your favourite design structure emphasised by light: even bath surrounds and vanities can be accented creatively with Schlüter®-LIPROTEC.

Indirect skirting illumination

Weightless. Bath surrounds with indirect skirting illumination appear to float in space and are a visual highlight in every bathroom. In addition, you can add colour to your decor with the WS profile.

Skirting illumination

Direct illumination creates structure: broader lines of light can be used, e.g., to set a bath visually apart from the floor covering or to design illuminated bath edges.

Backlit wall panels

Schlüter®-LIPROTEC deliberately highlights specific elements: the convenient complete set for creating illuminated wall panels comprises all components for installing an elegant decor element.

Mirrors and decorative elements

Every bathroom needs a mirror. With a decorative Schlüter®-LIPROTEC frame, mirrors also look really good. However, the illuminated profiles can also be used to create elegant frames for wood or glass panels and other decorative elements. In addition, the frame is also available in a practical complete set with pre-fabricated modules and brackets to make the installation particularly easy.

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