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For further details see product data sheet 8.7 Schlüter-KERDI-LINE

  1. To install KERDI-LINE-H with a horizontal drain and odour trap, start by precisely fitting the channel support and channel body. The components can be adhered with thin-bed tile adhesive, provided the substrate is level and height-adjusted.
  2. Properly install the levelling layer (compressive strength >= 0.5 N/mm²) on the weight-bearing substrate. Make sure that the upper edge of the levelling layer is situated approx. 24 mm below the linear drainage. The levelling layer must be situated approx. 15 mm below the linear drainage with the installation of KSLT 1365/2000S. If impact sound insulation is required, install suitable impact sound insulation underneath the levelling layer and KERDI-LINE-H (e.g. KERDI-LINE-SR) together with the corresponding edge strips.
  3. To install the vertical linear drainage KERDI-LINE-V, adhere the sloped tray directly on a suitable substrate at the appropriate height.
  4. Notch the sloped tray at the premarked cutting grooves with a utility knife, depending on the selected dimension of KERDI-LINE. Then embed the sloped tray fully in thin-bed tile adhesive to be flush with the KERDI-LINE channel support. Slide the small groove of the adjoining sloped tray surface laterally below the flange.
  5. Now attach the KERDI collar that is pre-adhered at the linear drainage to the adjoining waterproofing of the sloped tray, using the sealing adhesive Schlüter-KERDI-COLL-L.
  6. Tiles can be installed in the thin-bed method as soon the bonded waterproofing assembly has been completed (see also product data sheets 8.1 Schlüter-KERDI and 8.4 Schlüter-KERDI-COLL-L). No curing time is required.
  7. To install the tiles, apply the dry setting thin-bed tile adhesive directly on the KERDI waterproofing membrane and then fully embed the tiles in the adhesive. Note: Only system-certified thin-bed tile adhesives approved for KERDI may be used in areas where KERDI waterproofing assemblies must meet the requirements of national technical approval (abP) or CE conformity. Please contact us for further information about such adhesives.
  8. Other coverings such as coatings, vinyl and similar materials can be installed in principle, but are not described in further detail here and may require additional clarification. Our Technical Department will be pleased to offer recommendations on request. The sloped KERDI-SHOWER-BSL / -BSLS tray can also be used for sloped insulation. For this purpose, adjust it to the height of the adjoining insulation and apply the screed on top. We recommend installing a BEKOTEC screed, which is available in unheated versions or as the heated assembly BEKOTEC-THERM. If applicable, the shower area may have to be separated from the adjoining areas with an expansion joint.

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