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Cove-shaped aluminum profile Schlüter-DILEX-AHKA.


Intelligent detail solutions

New profiles from Schlüter-Systems

Details matter–the Bologna exhibit of Schlüter-Systems showcases intelligent solutions for connections to structural components and transitions from floor coverings to walls. 

Schlüter-DILEX-AS is a flexible connection profile for built-in structural components such as tubs, shower trays, and door and window frames. Thanks to its most recent redesign, the profile is even more practical and filigreed, which allows for optimal processing of the two-piece product. The matching 90° inside corner pieces and end caps complete the profile design. 

Schlüter-Systems is also presenting Schlüter-DILEX-AHKA, a cove-shaped aluminum profile for inside wall corners, kitchen countertops, or surfaces with ceramic coverings. It is available in a variety of anodized finishes and can be connected to existing coverings on one side. In addition to end caps, the accessories for this profile also include inside and outside corners at angles of 90° und 135°. 

Because if their appealing design, Schlüter-QUADEC profiles are a popular choice for finishing and protecting the edges of outside corners. The new DILEX-AHK/E90Q is a 90° outside corner that allows for connecting QUADEC profiles to DILEX-AHK profiles. 

Other innovations include the addition of a 6-mm variety to the Schlüter-RENO-RAMP profile assortment. The profile allows for stepless transitions from heavily used tile coverings to adjoining lower covering materials.

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