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Inspection openings

Access to supply and drainage lines

When tubs or on-wall installations are covered with tiles, it becomes difficult to access the supply and drainage lines for maintenance or repair. As a consequence, these areas must have corresponding inspection openings.

The metal frames for this purpose frequently interfere with the aesthetic appearance of a design, especially when the covering uses high-value tiles or natural stone.  The frames stand out even more when they are not in the same shape as the covering material.

Matching inspection openings

Schlüter®-REMA is a system for concealing inspection openings in wall coverings made of tile. These magnetic openings can be used regardless of tile thickness and size and allows for adapting the inspection opening precisely to the appearance of the joints to maintain the overall aesthetic appearance of the tile design.



Schlüter®-REMA is a system for concealed access panels in tiled walls. It can be applied irrespective of tile size and thickness and adapts perfectly to the joint pattern.
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