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Iserlohn/Munich - 14.01.2013

Illuminated profile innovation

New profile system Schlüter®-LIPROTEC

World premiere in Munich: With Schlüter®-LIPROTEC illuminated profile technology, Schlüter-Systems will for the first time present an assortment of LED profiles at BAU. With this innovation, the market leader in tile profiles is launching a system that allows designers, planners, and architects to design new and attractive light spaces "within the wall" - with proven Schlüter quality from a single source. 

Proper lighting is an essential criterion for the comfort of a room, and overly intense or cold light is often perceived as unpleasant. Schlüter®-LIPROTEC LED profiles allow for individually adjusting the room lighting according to individual preferences. The use of light strips instead of light points creates a particularly homogeneous light impression and users can choose between direct and indirect lighting. Whether daylight, soft light for special quiet zones, or colored ambient lighting for special design accents, modern LED lighting technology is able to meet every design specification. 

The LED strips are specifically designed to match the high quality demands of Schlüter-Systems. They are almost entirely cast, which makes them particularly durable. All LED strips are categorized as protection class IP 65 and are therefore suitable for use in high-moisture areas. The embedded design in high-value aluminum profiles provides ideal protection. As an additional advantage for installers, the LED strips can be individually cut to size without affecting the IP protection class and damaged light strips can also be subsequently replaced. The profiles are simply attached with tile adhesive during the tile installation. 

Versatile installation variations Five intelligent profile geometries ensure the use of the illuminated profiles in a wide range of installations, including

Edges of raised platforms and countertops

Illumination of moldings

Illuminated finished edges of wall coverings and baseboard tiles

Illumination of wall disks and on-wall installations

Illuminated frames of flush decoration objects and mirrors 

To allow for simple and comfortable operation, the system features state-of-the-art control technology and wireless switching to eliminate the need to hard-wire the illuminated profiles. The switch housings are made of high-quality solid glass or brushed stainless steel and cannot only turn the light on and off, but also dim it in variable ways. The 7-channel version even permits the individual adjustment of the LED strips with regard to color temperature of white LEDs or the color of LEDs in RGB mode. 

As a result, Schlüter®-LIPROTEC LED profiles can be used in simple ways to create high-quality, durable lighting options with profiles in a wide range of spatial situations. Thanks to the availability of all system components from a single source, the individual components are guaranteed to be perfectly matched for effective and energy-efficient illumination. Specific complete sets are available for the illumination of edges and wall panels. Further information about the illuminated profile technology of Schlüter-Systems can be found at

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