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Florentine inspirations

Renaissance in a modern guise

Florence, the capital of Tuscany, is world-famous for its architecture. Lovingly added little details perfect the overall impression. Schlüter-Systems of Iserlohn borrowed from these construction details for its latest stair-nosing profile: a renaissance design in modern guise.

True to the company's motto, ""More fun with tiles!,"" the Florentine design of Schlüter®-TREP-FL contributes to the sophisticated visual appeal of stair-nosings in private and public settings. The aluminum profile is available in three different heights (9, 11, and 12.5 mm) to meet every aesthetic de-mand for the combination with tiles or natural stones. With its matte design and anodized surface, Schlüter®-TREP-FL lives up to all requirements for stairs in residential settings.

Even though Schlüter®-TREP-FL is far more decorative than conventional stair-nosing profiles, there is no need to forego the usual functional qualities. The special tread results in optimal slip-resistant qualities. In addition, the brightness of the aluminum makes Schlüter®-TREP-FL easily recognizable to the eye. The decorative profile protects the exposed edges of stairs effectively from mechanical impacts and overloads.



Schlüter®-TREP-FL is an aluminium or stainless steel stair nosing profile in florentine design for enhancing the safety and visual appeal of steps. It is designed for stairs with tile or natural stone coverings.
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