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Application and Function

Schlüter®-DILEX-EMP is a maintenancefree, stainless steel movement profile for absorbing horizontal movement. The profile is especially suited for heavily used tile and natural stone surfaces set into mortar beds. Schlüter®-DILEX-EMP offers secure edge protection for surfaces exposed to continuous vehicular traffic and is, therefore, suited for use in warehouses, shopping centres, underground car parks, or for floor surfaces maintained with cleaning machines.

The profile system is used for producing expansion joints in surface coverings made of quarry or ceramic tile, as well as natural or agglomerate stone, set into mortar beds. Movements within the floor covering are absorbed by the tongue-and-groove connection.

The profile cannot absorb vertical movement. The visible width of the Schlüter®- DILEX-EMP profile in its base position is 12 mm.



  1. Select Schlüter®-DILEX-EMP in accordance with the height of the overall floor assembly.
  2. Set the profile flush against the edge of a completed field of surface covering (Note: The profile should not be higher than the tile, but rather flush or up to approx. 1 mm lower). The side section of the profile must be adhered to the mortar bed with a slurry coat. 
  3. Set the adjoining field of the surface covering flush against the profile, ensuring solid coverage. 
  4. Leave a joint of approx. 2 mm between the tile covering and the profile; fill the joint completely with grout.



Schlüter®-DILEX-EMP is made of roll-formed stainless steel, material 1.4301. The middle section of the profile features raised perforations.

Material properties and areas of application:

The suitability of a proposed type of profile must be verified based on the anticipated chemical, mechanical and/or other stresses.

Schlüter®-DILEX-EMP is made of stainless steel, material 1.4301, and is particularly well suited for applications that, in addition to heavy mechanical stresses, require resistance to certain chemicals (e.g. exposure to acids, alkalis, oils, greases and solvents).



Schlüter®-DILEX-EMP requires no special maintenance or care. Stainless steel surfaces exposed to the environment or aggressive substances should be cleaned periodically using a mild household cleaner.

Regular cleaning maintains the neat appearance of stainless steel and reduces the risk of corrosion. All cleaning agents must be free of hydrochloric and hydrofluoric acid.

Avoid contact with other metals such as steel, since this can cause extraneous rust. This also includes tools such as trowels or steel wool, i.e., tools used to remove mortar residue.





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