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  1. Select Schlüter®-DILEX-BT in accordance with tile thickness.
  2. Using a notched trowel, apply tile adhesive to the area where the tile covering will end.
  3. Press the perforated anchoring leg of Schlüter®-DILEX-BT into the adhesive bed and align.
  4. Completely cover the perforated anchoring leg with tile adhesive. 
  5. Align the adjoining tiles and adjust them in such a way that the upper lip of the profile is flush with the tile. Note: The profile should not be higher than the tile, but flush or up to approximately 1 mm lower. All tiles in the profile area must be completely set. Always lay the uncut section of a tile against the profile. 
  6. The tile is set to the lateral joint spa- cer, which ensures a uniform joint of 1.5 mm. 
  7. Fill the joint cavity between the tile and the profile completely with grout and immediately remove the protective foil. 
  8. For installations into a mortar screed, strips of mortar, divided by an insulating strip, are placed on either side of the structural joint.
    8a. Apply a contact layer consisting of dry set mortar or cement slurry over the mortar strips.
    8b. Set Schlüter®-DILEX-BT into the contact layer, align and tap in.
    8c. Apply enough screed material so that the surface of the covering to be used is flush with the upper lip of the profile. Select the profile height to ensure the anchoring leg is covered by approximately 15 mm of screed.
  9. The installation of Schlüter®-DILEXBT on walls and ceilings is essentially equivalent to floor applications.
  10. Schlüter®-DILEX-BTS can be inserted into existing joint spaces. The joints must be at least 44 mm wide and 10 mm deep. The lateral anchoring legs are adhered to the existing covering with a suitable adhesive (e.g. epoxy resin), or the anchoring legs are drilled and screwed to the covering. Depending on the attachment or anchoring, Schlüter®-DILEX-BTS has limited mechanical load capacities. Flush installation is recommended for areas with heavy traffic loads.

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