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Common Mistakes When Renovating A Bathroom And How To Avoid Making Them

Renovating a bathroom can be a challenging task, but ultimately rewarding; often adding value to a property and allowing homeowners to create the perfect haven to relax in after a long and busy day. Avoiding these six common mistakes will make the whole process run smoothly and ensure your newly refurbished bathroom stands the test of time.

1. Using unsuitable waterproofing materials

Did you know that almost 10 times the amount of water is used in the average shower vs. the rain that falls in a day on a m2 area? This highlights the importance of attention to detail in the creation of a functional, watertight facility. Understanding the difference between water resistant and waterproof will ensure that you select appropriate products and set you off on the right track: water resistant materials are partially absorbent, whilst waterproof materials are impervious to water, meaning it is unable to penetrate the surface.

2. Lack of planning

Simply put, lack of planning is an absolute no-no when it comes to updating your bathroom. You may want to move fittings around to make the most of the space available, such as creating a separate bathtub and shower cubicle where there was previously a bath-over-shower system. For this to be successful, a serious focus on layout and plumbing must be adhered to before anything can be installed.

3. Not consulting with an expert

It may seem obvious, but an installer or tiler will know exactly how to make the most of the space available and what materials to use. Getting stuck in without receiving prior advice can lead to disaster – think water damage, cracked tiles and even potentially a bathroom that needs ripping out entirely. Discussing your needs and expectations with an expert will avoid this and make sure that the job is done right, whether you are giving it a go yourself or handing over the tools to someone else.

4. Poor drainage

Particularly in the case for level entry access, drainage is key. Understanding the flow rate of the chosen shower system will dictate the drainage you require, which is another point to discuss in depth with an expert. Equally as important is the fall or gradient required - for water to efficiently drain away when taking a shower, a slight slope should be created toward the drain.

5. Inadequate ventilation

In high moisture areas such as a bathroom or wetroom, good ventilation is a must. Ideally your bathroom will have an accessible window to create natural air flow. However, you may need to look at additional or alternative options, such as an extractor fan. This will ensure moisture and condensation are kept at bay which is crucial for an area of the house which is damp and humid by nature.

6. Ignoring storage space

Whilst this one also seems obvious; it is very common to realise the lack of storage within your bathroom once you are having a shower and trying to find a spot for your shampoo. This will likely be picked up during the planning stages mentioned above but we thought it was worth including as its own point. Whether you choose to make this a feature such as creating an illuminated niche or just want a shelf slotting into your shower area, there are plenty of ways to incorporate stylish storage solutions.

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