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Schlüter-BEKOTEC-THERM-HVP is is a heating circuit distributor made of fibreglass-reinforced plastic. Each heating circuit distributor comprises a connection set and 1 to 12 hot leg and cold leg modules as well as installation brackets. Due to the modular design, each heating circuit terminal (spacing: 50 mm) is rotatable by 180°, suitable for connection on both sides, and secured by the integrated attachment elements. The hot leg module comprises a flow meter with transparent scale, adjustable from 0.5 to 5.0 l / min. The cold leg consists of an integrated thermostat valve with cover cap, matching the electronically controlled Schlüter actuators.

The connection set comprises the connection modules with a 1" flat-sealing joint nut as well as end modules with filling and draining cock 1/2" (rotatable) with a temperature gauge for the hot and cold leg, respectively. A separate ball valve set DN 25 or DN 20 and an installation bracket set are additionally available for installation in the distributor cabinet or on the wall. Please refer to the Technical Manual for detailed information about installed dimensions and sample configurations.


Example: 4 heating circuits

Example: 4 heating circuits

Example: 9 heating circuits

Example: 9 heating circuits


Set includes hot and cold leg.


Set includes hot and cold leg.


Installation bracket BTHVT KF to match Schluter distributor cabinets.


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