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Schlüter®- BEKOTEC-EN is a studded screed panel made of polystyrene, which is designed for the attachment of the Schlüter®- BEKOTEC-THERM-HR heating pipes, with a diameter of 16!mm. The panels are grooved for optimal joining. The heating pipes are attached in the desired spacing between the cutback studs, which are arranged in a regular spacing pattern of 75mm. Conventional screed– CT-C25-F4 (ZE 20) or CA-C25-F4 (AE 20) (maximum flexural strength F5) – is installed above the studs with a thickness of at least 8!mm and at most 25!mm.

Schlüter®- BEKOTEC-EN/P consists of polystyrene (EPS 033 DEO), white, without foil coating and is most suited for conventional cement screeds.

Schlüter®- BEKOTEC-EN/PF is made of polystyrene (EPS 033 DEO) with an orange sheet coating and is therefore especially suited for flowing screeds (e.g. gypsum screeds).

Technical Data:
Installation width: 75 – 150 – 225 – 300 mm
Approved heating pipe: BT HR 16 RT
Material classification: B2 pursuant to DIN 4102
Heat conductor group: 033 (0.033 W/mK)
U value: 1.650 W/m2K
Thermal resistivity: 0.606!m2K/W

The uncoupling mat must be adhered to the screed prior to the installation of ceramic tiles or natural stone on the screed. The mat can be installed as soon as the screed is ready to bear weight (gypsum screeds: < 2 % residual moisture). Please observe the instructions of our product data sheets 6.1 and 9.1.


Schlüter®- BEKOTEC-EN/P

EN/P = screed panel without foil, e.g. conventional cementitious screeds
1 panel (0.8 m²) = smallest delivery unit

Schlüter®- BEKOTEC-EN/PF

EN/PF = screed panel with sheet coating, suitable for flowing screeds, e.g. gypsum screeds
1 panel (0.8 m²) = smallest delivery unit

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