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Schlüter®-BEKOTEC-EN 18 FTS

Application and function

Schlüter®-BEKOTEC-EN 18 FTS is a reliable covering assembly system for crackfree and functionally safe floating screeds and heated screeds with coverings made of ceramic tiles, natural stone, and other materials.

The floating system is installed directly on load bearing, weight distributing substrates such as concrete or existing timber floor structures. The suitability of the substrate for heating purposes (movement joints, edge strips etc.) must be verified. The system is based on the studded screed panel Schlüter®-BEKOTEC-EN 18 FTS with integrated 5 mm impact sound insulation, which is directly installed on top of loadbearing substrates. An evaluation in accordance with DIN EN ISO 717-2 determined an impact sound insulation improvement by 25 dB. However, the actual impact sound reduction of an assembly depends on the local circumstances (construction system) and may differ from this value. Consequently, the determined test values cannot be generally applied to specific construction site situations. Reliable values can only be determined with direct measurements on site with consideration for the actual construction system. The geometry of the studded panel Schlüter®-BEKOTEC-EN 18 FTS results in a minimum screed thickness of 26 mm between the studs and 8 mm above them. The studs are designed to hold the heating pipes of the system (diameter: 12 mm) in a grid pattern of 50 mm in order to create heated screeds.

The floor heating system is easily adjustable and ideally suited for use with low temperatures, since the screed volume to be heated or cooled is relatively small (approx. 52 kg/ m2 ≙ 26 l /m2 with 8-mm coverage). The curing stresses that occur in the screed due to shrinkage are absorbed by the studded pattern, thus controlling deformations such as curling. It is therefore unnecessary to install dummy joints or movement joints in the screed. As soon as the cement screed is ready to support weight, the uncoupling mat Schlüter®-DITRA 25 can be installed (calcium sulfate screed ≤ 2 CM-%). Ceramic or natural stone tiles are then installed directly over this layer, using the thin-bed method. Movement joints in the covering layer are created using Schlüter®-DILEX according to industry guidelines.

Cover materials that are not susceptible to cracking, such as parquet or carpeting, can be directly installed over the screed as soon as it reaches the necessary residual moisture level for the corresponding covering. See the Technical Manual for further details.

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