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Schlüter®-BEKOTEC-THERM ceramic thermal comfort floor is an easily co-ordinated modular system that is economical and effective, with low construction height and short installation periods for new buildings and refurbishment. It is suitable for private homes as well as commercial areas such as office buildings, salesrooms, and car dealerships.

Once Schlüter®-BEKOTEC-THERM has been installed as the heating system, no other obstructive heating elements are required. This allows for maximum design freedom.

In addition to ceramic tiles and natural stone coverings, other coverings such as parquet, laminates, or carpet can be installed, offering a great variety of design choices.

construction benefits

Low construction height
  • Schlüter®-BEKOTEC-THERM can be installed with construction heights starting at 31 mm plus covering.
  • This results in a wide range of application options for new construction and refurbishmen
Material and weight savings
  • Due to the low screed mass, the weight of 1 m³ of screed is only 57kg.
  • Compared to conventional heated screeds, a reduction of 37 mm in screed thickness saves 3.7 m³ of screed mortar with the weight of approximately 7.4 t over an area of 100 m².
  • This has a positive impact on the static calculations of new construction or refurbishment projects.
  • The building is also spared the corresponding amount of moisture.
Screed construction with low tension
  • Tensions in the screed are reduced through the regularly structured network of microfine cracks in the studded pattern of the BEKOTEC panels.
  • The screed does not buckle due to internal tensions.
  • No constructive reinforcement is necessary.
No screed joints
  • The tensions in the screed are evenly reduced across the entire area. Therefore, it is not necessary to divide the screed into fields with movement joints.
More design options
  • Free choice of movement joints in the joint pattern of the ceramic covering over Schlüter®-DITRA, since the joints from the screed don’t have to be carried over.
Short construction periods
  • Schlüter®-DITRA can be installed as soon as the screed is ready to bear weight, followed by the tile covering. For gypsum based screeds, the residual moisture should be approximately 2%.
  • No warm-up or cure heating is required
  • No CM measurements to determine residual moisture
  • Less material, therefore quicker installation
Crack-free ceramic or natural stone covering
  • The low tension screed construction and uncoupling properties of Schlüter®-DITRA make sure stresses are not transferred to the covering.
Highly durable
  • Loads in private and commercial buildings of up to 5kN/m² are no problem (additional insulation must be able to sustain the corresponding pressure).
Proven suitability
  • Damage free practical application for several years
  • Numerous reference projects
  • Test certificates from independent institutes

Heating benefits

Quick reacting radiant heated floors
  • The low screed mass allows for quick control response, for example when lowering the temperature at night.
Even distribution of heat
  • The interconnected air channels of Schlüter®-DITRA below the ceramic covering allow for an even distribution of heat.
Low supply temperature, low heating cost
  • The even, quick, and large scale heat performance is highly efficient
Effective for the utilisation of renewable energy sources
  • The effective heating performance with low supply temperatures translates into a high degree of efficiency, e.g. for heating pumps or solar equipment.
Easy to control
  • The optimised control technology allows for accurate temperature settings.
  • Electronic (230 V, 24 V) or wireless controls offer the right solution for all building situations
Comfort level
  • The mild radiation heat of the floor as a “large scale heating element” makes for maximum comfort.
Sanitary and healthy
  • The heated, dry floor areas don’t give insects such as mites a chance.
  • The evenly distributed radiation heat prevents the formation of fungi or the distribution of spores.
  • Ceramic tile and natural stone coverings are especially easy to care for and hygienic.
  • With the corresponding technology, basic cooling is also an option.
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