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Liverpool’s new luxury Adagio hotel enhanced by Schlüter style

Following in the footsteps of San Francisco, Paris and Barcelona, Liverpool will soon be the next city to boast a luxurious Adagio Hotel. Opening its doors in April, the finishing touches are now being made and, of course, market leader Schlüter-Systems has been used to provide that stylish finishing touch.

Located in the heart of Liverpool’s city centre, the newly built hotel will offer 126 fully equipped rooms from studios to two bedroom apartments, with Adagio priding themselves on providing guests with the very best in quality and that includes those all important finishes. Therefore, it’s no surprise that Schlüter®-PROFILES have been used to not only enhance the look of the walls and floors, but also keep them protected.

Commissioned to undertake the project, ABD Ceramics installed Schlüter®-RONDEC and Schlüter®-RENO throughout the hotel’s bathrooms and kitchens. Tony Yates, Owner of ABD Ceramics, explained why the Schlüter-Systems range is so highly regarded by the international hotel chain:

“Throughout my years of installations I have become very familiar with Schlüter-Systems products and have always been forward in recommending the products due to their ease of use, quality, looks and practical function.

“With such a high quality project as the Adagio Hotel, we put forward Schlüter®-PROFILES straight away as nothing else on the market could compare to the extremely neat and attractive finish of both the Schlüter®-RONDEC and Schlüter®-RENO. The hotel didn’t have any hesitation in approving these products and the result has been an installation that went very smoothly, ran to schedule and created a finish that matches the rest of the interior perfectly.”

Schlüter's UK Head of Marketing comments, “With the hotel set to soon open its doors, the finishing profiles offer essential protection to such high quality surroundings. Guests will not only be protected, but notice the smart and stylish finish of the walls and floors and this is down to the varied range of materials and finishes available within our profile range.”

Schlüter®-RONDEC is a range of symmetrically rounded tile trim profiles available in a wide variety of materials, textures and finishes, which feature as a contrast or blend with the finish and protect tiled outer wall corners and other tile edges, e.g. tile skirting.

Schlüter®-RENO is a range of profiles for step-less transition between floor coverings of the same or differing heights, for example for the transition from tiles to carpeting. In addition, it protects the edge of the tile and the adjacent coverings. The integrated joint spacer forms a defined joint cavity with the tile and is available in a range of materials, depths and lengths.

The Adagio Liverpool City Centre is located in the heart of the city near to the Albert Dock one of the most important ports in the world. The 126 fully equipped rooms from studios to two-room apartments make this aparthotel the ideal place to stay for a leisure or business trip.

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