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A Guide to Planning a Wetroom

What is a wetroom?

Wetrooms have grown in popularity in recent years; there has been a huge surge in interest for this particular design. On Instagram alone, the hashtag for ‘wetroom’ and its variations has been used over 75,000 times. A quick envy-inducing scroll shows them off with all sizes and designs on display, usually accompanied with a luxurious look and feel. So, let’s get into what a wetroom actually is.

A wetroom is essentially a shower room without any barriers to entry. The flooring stays at a single level with a drainage point for the shower. They tend to be a fairly open space, but it is quite common to have a shower screen to avoid water getting everywhere, particularly in smaller spaces.

You may associate a luxury wetroom with being expensive and whilst they can be, it is entirely down to personal preference and budgets. Gone are the days where they are exclusive to million-pound homes. These days, wetrooms cater to most budgets, styles and homes. 

Why a wetroom?

If you’re considering taking the plunge and having a wetroom installed in your home, there are plenty of benefits. To get you started, we’ve put together a list of just a few which may have you convinced they meet all your bathroom needs and have you on your way to planning a wetroom in no time!


As the flooring is all level, with no barriers to entry, they make an excellent way to create an accessible space for those restricted by mobility issues. The lack of steps or barriers also reduces trip hazards, making them a safer option for elderly or disabled people. A wetroom is long-lasting, so if you have already moved into your forever home, it will meet the requirements of all family members even as time goes on.

Utilising space effectively

Installing a wetroom is the best possible way to efficiently utilise your space. If your bathroom is on the smaller side, you won’t be taking up unnecessary space with a bathtub or other large fixtures, like a shower cubicle. You can achieve something functional even with a small space, the only difference being that you may need a shower screen to prevent other areas of the room getting wet – nobody wants soggy toilet roll!


A wetroom should be fully tanked which means that it will have secure waterproofing under all areas of the tile. This will prevent any water ingress in areas outside of the shower and ensure a lifetime installation. Being 100% watertight will reduce the risk of any structural damages to your home that can potentially be caused by improper waterproofing. With fewer weak points, you’ll have peace of mind that the room is securely waterproof and able to withstand the demanding use it will see from the average homeowner’s lifestyle. A waterproofing membrane that can be used alongside other key elements of the installation will go a long way in achieving a 100% watertight solution.

Added value

They can add value to a home if done properly, particularly if there is a second option in the form of a traditional bathroom. They look beautiful, adding the wow factor to your home, are low maintenance and have the ultra-secure waterproofing that make them a ‘safe bet’ for structural integrity.

Design considerations

Aesthetically, there are lots of design considerations to take into account if you’re planning to install a wetroom, meaning plenty of opportunities to inject your own style.

Tile choice

There is lots to consider for tile options, such as colour, size and layout. Large format tiles give the illusion of a larger space as there are fewer grout lines interrupting the flow of the room. You could also choose to have a feature wall or use mosaics to accent the flooring in the shower area. It’s worth bearing in mind that tile installation needs adequate preparation, and tile backerboards make a great solution for this. 


Lighting sets the mood and tone for the room, especially if there is a lack of natural light within the space. Consider how the space will be used and what type of lighting will work best, as there are a few different options. Downlights and task lighting are great for when you’re getting ready for the day ahead, and dimmable options create a beautiful spa effect to ensure the perfect ambience to relax and unwind. You can also add LEDs to make a statement or draw focus to niches, vanity units or mirrors.

Underfloor heating

Underfloor heating is perhaps one of the more subtle luxuries of a wetroom as you can’t physically see it but installing it will see you reap the rewards – you’ll enjoy it yourself, and it can also be a marketable feature if you choose to sell your property in the future. Not only this, but you can wave goodbye to a clunky radiator, giving you additional wall space and design possibilities. Lastly, underfloor heating comes with the added bonus of helping the surfaces to dry out faster.

Did we forget to mention how nice it would feel to step out of the shower onto the warm tile on a cold winter’s morning?

Are there any drawbacks?

There are a few potential drawbacks to having a wetroom installed in your home and you should weigh up the pros and cons before jumping into a decision.

The requirement to have floor to ceiling tile in the whole room is where you will likely see the costs adding up.

It is also worth pointing out that since wetrooms are usually quite open, this can result in other areas of the room getting wet, such as your toilet and toilet roll. These things can be easily remedied with well thought out storage solutions or by simply adding in a shower screen to prevent water splashing everywhere – they just need to be taken into consideration at the design stage.

Keeping the space well ventilated is also a good idea. Ideally, you will want a window to allow for ventilation and this will also bring in some natural light which is a huge tick in the design box.

Whilst these points need to be thought about, it is not all doom and gloom and we think the benefits of a wetroom make a pretty strong case for having one!

In summary, a wetroom is a great feature to add to your home: they look beautiful, are super functional and make a great option if you are limited on space. There is lots to take into consideration if you are planning a wetroom and we hope this guide has provided you with some useful food for thought.

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