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RIBA CPD Seminars

Enhance and reaffirm your knowledge with these 45 - 60 minute RIBA Accredited CPD presentations, held at your offices, by Schlüter-Systems Ltd - the market leader in high performance integrated systems and solutions, providing the essential protection of ceramic tile and natural stone installations.

Considerations for Tile and Stone Installations

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Gain an overview as to the key points you should bear in mind when dealing with tile and stone installations, with expert insight from Schlüter-Systems. This RIBA Approved CPD seminar provides an introduction to working with these popular materials and offers a gateway to Schlüter’s application-specific seminars.


  •  The differences involved in specifying for wet vs. dry areas and walls vs. floors
  • Classifications and ratings for tile and stone coverings, substrate preparation etc
  • Why and how to specify tile fixing in conformance with British Standards
  • How to prevent problems by specifying the correct support beneath the surface
  • What to consider in setting an appropriate cleaning and maintenance schedule

Specifying Integrated Underfloor Heating Systems

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Learn how to successfully specify the underfloor heating systems that best suit your projects, with expert insight from Schlüter-Systems. This RIBA Approved CPD seminar focuses on the modern advances made in this popular arena, discussing hydronic and electric technologies and their capabilities.


  • Benefits of modular screed systems vs. traditional screeds
  • How to save assembly height without compromise to strength
  • Water fed vs. electrical underfloor heating systems
  • How modular screeds can save time, money and materials
  • Theory behind modular screed systems and why screed movement joints are no longer needed
  • Electrical underfloor heating and utilising integrated uncoupling technology
  • Capabilities of underfloor heating systems and their ability to run at reduced temperatures

10 Point Plan for a Perfect Wetroom

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This seminar explores wet room installations at the design and specification stage. It will discuss integrated vs. multi-manufacturer combined systems, design and how point drains and linear drains can be hidden or accent the design, waterproofing requirements and how an integrated system can offer complete peace of mind, technology and the difference between waterproof systems and water-resistant systems, understanding the risks, and further considerations such as lighting, acoustics and undertile heating. 


  • The solutions available for tiled wetroom installations
  • How to specify integrated systems
  • The applicable British standards and relevant Building Regulations for tiled wetroom applications and design considerations
  • How to identify key design considerations when specifying wetroom systems.

Specifying Solutions for Crack-Free Tile and Stone Coverings

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Learn how to guarantee a crack-free finish for tile and stone, with expert insight from Schlüter-Systems. This RIBA Approved CPD seminar covers the recommendations and essential considerations in specifying problem-free coverings that last.


  • How to incorporate in-line with the British Standards for tiling
  • Why movement joints and uncoupling matting prevent typical problems - there’s no substitute for good preparation
  • How to select movement joints and where to locate
  • Uncoupling mattings explained - what, why, where and how?
  • The science behind and the benefits of modern uncoupling systems

Specifying External Applications with Tile and Stone

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Enhance your understanding of how to protect bonded installations of tile and stone installed on balconies, terraces and patios, with expert insight from Schlüter-Systems. This RIBA Approved Seminar explores how to counteract the stresses of the environment and achieve functional assemblies.


  • Benefits of a fully functional assembly system for external tile and stone coverings
  • How to provide protection from cracking, splitting, tenting and debonding of the covering
  • Managing drainage above and below the covering
  • What to consider if balconies are being designed to ensure tile and stone can be installed

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