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A.6 Loose installation over Schlüter®-TROBA-PLUS 8G Using thin-bed mortar points with Schlüter®-TROBA-STELZ-DR

In this type of assembly, the high impact area drainage membrane Schlüter®- TROBA-PLUS 8G is installed underneath self supporting pavers and guarantees the efficient drainage of water that seeps through the open joints between the pavers. Schlüter®-TROBA-STELZ-DR are used as casting mould rings to create evenly spaced adhesive points of thin-bed mortar for the self supporting pavers.

Note: Schlüter®-TROBA-STELZ-DR casting mould rings can be removed after the application of the thin-bed screed and reused in other applications.

  1. Cantilevered concrete slab.

  2. Sloped screed

    The construction has to be sufficiently sloped (1.5 - 2%) to allow for proper drainage.

  3. Waterproofing assembly according to DIN 18195.

  1. Schlüter®-TROBA-PLUS 8G

    High impact drainage membrane for use underneath self supporting pavers and for permanently effective drainage of water seeping through the open joints between pavers. It is important to ensure a drainage channel.

  2. Schlüter®-TROBA-STELZ-DR

    Casting mould rings for thin-bed screeds.

  3. Large format self supporting pavers

    Made of concrete, natural stone or ceramic material.

Balcony assembly: Loose installation of natural stone on mortar casting mould rings with drainage

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Schlüter®-TROBA-PLUS 8G is capable of absorbing evenly distributed loads ≤ 39 t/m². If the corners of the covering components are insufficient to absorb the load, thin bed mortar support points can be created under the centre of each paver for additional support.   

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