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Schlüter®-DITRA 25


Schlüter-DITRA 25 is a polyethylene sheet with a grid structure of square cavities, each cut back in a dovetail configuration. An anchoring fleece is laminated to the underside. The rib height is approximately 3 mm. Polyethylene is not permanently UV stable. Prolonged exposure to intensive sunlight should be avoided when storing the material.

Material properties and areas of application
Schlüter-DITRA 25 is flexible, bridges cracks and will not rot. In addition, it is highly resistant to watery solutions, salts, acids and alkalis, as well as many organic solvents, alcohols and oils.

Its resistance to specific stresses must be examined separately on the basis of the expected concentration, temperature and exposure time. The vapour diffusion density is relatively high. The material is physiologically safe.

Schlüter-DITRA 25 is used with a great variety of applications. Its suitability for specific chemical or mechanical conditions must be evaluated for each individual case. The instructions below provide some general guidelines.

Coverings constructed with Schlüter-DITRA 25 may have a certain hollow sound when they are walked upon with hard shoes or tapped with a hard object.

The thin-bed adhesive and the covering materials selected for use with Schlüter-DITRA 25 must be suitable for the corresponding application and must meet the requirements of the site. Materials used in exterior applications must be waterproof as well as resistant to frost and weather.

Schlüter-DITRA 25 should be used primarily as a waterproofing layer when installing cover materials that are sensitive to moisture (e.g. natural stone or synthetic resin panels) or if moisture is expected to build up on the underside (e.g. in the case of green screed). When Schlüter-DITRA 25 is installed in exterior applications, special protective measures may be required; e.g. shielding the installation from direct sunlight. The use of rapid setting thin-bed adhesives may be an advantage for certain projects.

Schlüter-DITRA 25 should be covered with protective running boards if the transport of material makes it necessary to walk over the matting.

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