Schlüter-DILEX-MOP - Schlüter-Systems



Schlüter-DILEX-MOP is a profile with stable serrated side walls made of recycled rigid PVC and a central movement zone made of soft PVC. The profile is available in three different heights and is installed as a movement joint in coverings set in a mortar bed, e.g. pavers, ceramic tiles, and natural or man-made stone. The profile separates individual covering fields and equalizes respective compressive stresses in the soft PVC movement zone.

Tensile stresses that may occur cannot be absorbed, since the profile does not have lateral frictional anchoring in the mortar bed.  The side sections of the profile are made of rigid PVC and protect the edges of the adjacent covering from mechanical stresses caused by industrial traffic. However, limitations of the PVC as edge protection able to withstand mechanical stresses must be considered. The side sections are made with environmentally friendly recycled PVC and may vary slightly in colour. Therefore, these profiles are intended mainly for industrial use.

Schlüter-DILEX-MOP may also be inserted in saw-cut joints or wider cut joints, e.g. in the case of renovations. The remaining joint between the tile and the profile must be filled completely with grout or epoxy.

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