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Schlüter®-DILEX-EZ 70


Schlüter-DILEX-EZ 70, a profile made of rigid and soft PVC, is used for creating movement joints in coverings set in a screed bed, e.g. pavers, ceramic tiles, and natural or man-made stone. The 70 mm high profile features detachable tubes to accommodate the thickness of the mortar bed and tile surface.

To avoid uncontrolled cracking, the mortar bed and covering are divided into fields by installing Schlüter-DILEX-EZ 70. The movement zone, made of soft PVC, absorbs compressive stresses due to expansion of the mortar bed. Tensile stresses that may occur cannot be absorbed, since the profile does not have lateral frictional anchoring in the mortar bed.

The side sections of the profile are made of rigid PVC and protect the edges of the adjacent covering from mechanical stresses caused by industrial traffic. However, limitations of the PVC as edge protection able to withstand mechanical stresses must be considered. In addition to grey, the profile is also available with a brass or chrome inlay for decorative joint design.

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