Schlüter-DILEX-HKS/-EHK - Schlüter-Systems



Schlüter-DILEX-EHK is a cove shaped stainless steel profile for facilitating the maintenance of internal corners of ceramic or natural stone wall surfaces where stringent hygienic requirements must be met and where limited movement is expected.

Schlüter-DILEX-HKS, like Schlüter-DILEX-EHK, is a cove shaped stainless steel profile, which also features a maintenance free movement zone to absorb movements at floor to wall transitions and at internal wall corners.

The profiles are especially suitable for hospitals, industrial kitchens, clean rooms, washrooms and food processing plants and where aesthetic appeal is desired. Accessories for both Schlüter-DILEX-EHK and Schlüter-DILEX-HKS include internal and external corners and connectors.

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