Schlüter-DILEX-EK/-RF - Schlüter-Systems



Schlüter-DILEX-EK and Schlüter-DILEX-RF are two piece profiles with a tongue and groove connection for permanently flexible corner joints at floor/wall transitions and skirting. Schlüter-DILEX-EK and Schlüter-DILEX-RF can absorb especially extensive movements of up to 8 mm. Such movements occur particularly in edge joints of coverings over floating screeds and in heated screeds in the area of floor/wall transitions and along skirting.

The trapezoid perforated, lateral anchoring legs of the profile are firmly embedded in the tile adhesive of the floor covering. The chamber of the lower profile portion of Schlüter-DILEX-EK allows for sliding the cut edges of floor tiles into place. The profile Schlüter-DILEX-RF does not have such a chamber. This allows for a wide selection of tile thicknesses, since tiles can be installed at a lower level. The reduced size of the visible area makes the edge joint appear narrow and decorative. The flexible tongue and groove connection is capable of absorbing movements up to 8 mm. The use of Schlüter-DILEX-EK and Schlüter-DILEX-RF reliably prevents the formation of sound bridges in the floor/wall transition, which reduces the transmission of sound.

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