Schlüter-DILEX-AS - Schlüter-Systems



Schlüter-DILEX-AS is a pre-fabricated two part profile for the flexible connection of tiled surfaces to building fixtures, i.e. bathtubs, pre-fabricated shower trays, as well as door and window frames. Schlüter-DILEX-AS is suitable for adjoining tile or natural stone coverings in thicknesses of 4 to 10 mm.

Schlüter-DILEX-AS features a trapezoidperforated anchoring leg which anchors the profile solidly below the tile covering, and a flexible joining leg with self adhesive tape for adhering the joining leg to the building fixture, thereby permitting movement between the tile surface and building element. The bottom part of the tongue and groove connection features an adhesive foam strip that is adhered to the structural component to absorb movements between the tile covering and the component. The profile does not replace any waterproofing, but its two part tongue and groove connection forms a water barrier. Required waterproofing must be installed prior to the installation of the profile. Schlüter-DILEX-AS prevents sound bridges and reduces the transmission of airborne and impact sound. Accessories include matching end caps and internal corners.

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