Schlüter-RONDEC-STEP /-STEP -CT - Schlüter-Systems



Schlüter-RONDEC-STEP is a finishing profile for vanity units and kitchen work surfaces or other surfaces with ceramic tile coverings. The profile is radiused at the top to form a symmetrically rounded edge for tile coverings, then extends down vertically to cover the exposed edge of the work top or step edge. The aluminum profiles, which are available with two different finishing options, allow for decorative design and create interesting optical contrasts. The open channel area of Schlüter-RONDEC-STEP-CT can have inset the material used on the surface and is also suitable for holding other decorative elements. In addition to their decorative effect, the profiles also effectively protect tiles in the edge area from mechanical and impact stresses. Matching pre-formed corner pieces are available for Schlüter-RONDEC-STEP to create elegant connections to the profiles at internal and external corners.

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