Schlüter-RENO-U/RENO-RAMP - Schlüter-Systems



Schlüter®-RENO-U / -RAMP are profiles for a stepless transition between floor coverings of different heights, for example for the transition from tiles to carpeting. In addition, it protects the edge of adjacent coverings. The integrated joint spacer forms a defined joint cavity with the tile.

Schlüter®-RENO-U has also proved to be reliable in areas subjected to intensive point loads (garages, loading docks, shopping centres etc). The profile's visible surface slopes at approximately 25° to a 4 mm high vertical edge. This prevents trip edges between coverings of different heights.

Schlüter®-RENO-RAMP is the preferred solution for areas exposed to heavy vehicular traffic. The shallow angle (approximately 10º) of the sloped transition edge ensures the profile is easy to use with forklifts and platform trucks. Schlüter®-RENO-RAMP is also suited to create stepless transitions in areas that must comply with disabled access requirements.

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