Stair Nosings And Stair Trim Profiles
Stair nosings, or stair trim profiles as they are sometimes known, are designed to improve safety on steps, protect the edges of the stairs from chipping and cracking, and provide an aesthetically pleasing finish.

The edges of stairs are exposed to heavy mechanical stresses, resulting in installation failure, and represent a high risk for injuries. Because of their slip resistant design and excellent visibility, Schlüter-TREP stair nosings and stair trim profiles improve safety and protection, whilst providing an attractive finish. Schlüter-Systems' stair nosings and stair trim profiles range is available in a wide variety of styles, heights, materials and finishes. For more information, or to find your nearest distributor, contact Schlüter-Systems Ltd on +44 (0) 1530 813396.
Stair Nosing Profiles

Stair nosing / stair trim profiles to protect the edges of tiled steps.

Schlüter-TREP-G and -GL are stainless steel stair nosing profiles with a special non slip tread.


Schlüter®-TREP-T are made of rigid and soft plastic for safe, slip resistant stair edges.


Schlüter-TREP-SE / -S / -B are special profiles for creating slip resistant and visually attractive stair nosings. They are also suitable for use in areas subjected to heavy foot-traffic, such as offices or public buildings.


Schlüter-TREP-E/-EK is a stainless steel stair nosing profile with a slip-resistant surface.


Schlüter-TREP-FL is an aluminium or stainless steel stair nosing profile in florentine design for enhancing the safety and visual appeal of steps. It is designed for stairs with tile or natural stone coverings.