Threshold Strips, Transition Profiles And Diminishing Strips
Threshold strips or diminishing profiles are designed to protect tiled edges where they meet other surface coverings, such as carpet and wood.

Schüter-SCHIENE, the original finishing threshold strip or diminishing profile, finishes tiled surfaces and protects the outer edges of ceramic and natural stone floor coverings from mechanical impact. The threshold strips or diminishing profiles as they are also known of the Schlüter-RENO series create a smooth transition between adjoining floor coverings of different heights, protecting the exposed tile edge. All of our finishing threshold strips or diminishing profiles for floor surfaces contribute to the aesthetic and lasting appearance of floor coverings, and are available in a range of heights and finishes such as brass, aluminium, anodised aluminium, stainless steel V2A and brushed stainless steel. For more information, or to find your nearest distributor, contact Schlüter-Systems Ltd on +44 (0) 1530 813396.
Edge Profiles For Floor Coverings

Threshold strip profiles, or diminishing strip profiles, providing edge protection to tile coverings.

Schlüter-SCHIENE is an extruded profile that finishes and protects the edges of tiled coverings, as well as other surfacing materials.


Schlüter®-RENO-U is a profile for the stepless transition between floor coverings of different heights. The integrated spacer creates a uniform grout joint. Schlüter®-RENO-EU, Schlüter®- RENO-EBU and Schlüter®-RENO-MU do not have a joint spacer.

Schlüter®-RENO-RAMP is a profile that provides a gradient transition between tile coverings and lower adjoining surfaces in extra heavy duty applications. The integrated spacer creates a uniform grout joint.


Schlüter-RENO-T is retrofitted to adjoin different types of floor coverings of the same height.


Schlüter-RENO-TK provides a smooth transition between tiled surfaces and lower neighbouring floor coverings. In addition, the edges of the adjacent floor coverings are effectively protected by the transition leg.


Schlüter-DECO has a wide visible surface for decorative joint designs in tiled surfaces.


Schlüter-RENO-V is a profile with a variable transition leg for smoothly joining floor coverings of different heights. The integrated spacer creates a uniform grout joint.