Company Time Line

A Brief Insight Into The Growth Of Schlüter-Systems

Thanks to the spirit of research espoused by company founder Werner Schlüter we have become what we are now. Today, Schlüter-SCHIENE is a world-renowned and successful product. No wonder that we are still at the top of our game - always there to make your life easier. We are firmly committed to detail, which means our solutions are so subtle that, ideally, they are not even noticed.

Product tests at FLIESEN SCHLÜTER for first class system solutions.

As we were relating the story of the Schlüter-SCHIENE profile, we again realised the importance of keeping in touch with on-the-job practice. In our company, even during the test phase, each product has to stand up to everyday situations. We allow ourselves the luxury of a separate company for this purpose: Our tile installation operation, FLIESEN-SCHLÜTER operates on the regional market in Iserlohn. This is where we test all our new products for processing and market suitability. 

Practical solutions for practical problems ...

... is not just some motto of ours, it has been a successful Schlüter tradition - for more than thirty years. But it is not only because of good ideas that we are where we are today; it is also because of our qualified and motivated personnel. With this in mind, we invest just as much in continuous training and development for our employees as we do in developing our production facilities.
Because it is very important to us that our products are effective in everyday situations, each of our new products also undergoes both internal quality checks and testing carried out by reputable independent institutes.

In the seventies, along with Schlüter-SCHIENE, we developed the Schlüter-REMA magnet system for creating concealed tile panels, and the Schlüter-TREP stair nosing profile. Our Schlüter-JOLLY profile, made from stainless steel, colour coated aluminium or PVC, finally provided the market with a product to solve the problem of unglazed tile edges on wall coverings.

By the end of the seventies we were forming the basis for functional and safe balcony and terrace coverings with the development of Schlüter-TROBA as a sub-surface drainage system.

In 1985, the first Schlüter-DILEX profile appeared on the market, making it possible to construct long-lasting, maintenance-free movement joints with no time delays.

After coming onto the market in 1987, Schlüter-DITRA became the universally used substrate matting, combining the product properties uncoupling, waterproofing, and vapour pressure equalisation in one layer.

At the end of the nineties, Schlüter-BEKOTEC was brought onto the market - a flooring assembly for coverings over insulation layers and radiant floor heating systems.

We have also begun the new millennium in an innovative manner: By converting the profile geometry to the patented joint spacer - for a uniform joint and simpler grouting.

We have developed Schlüter-BEKOTEC-THERM, the ceramic thermal comfort floor, on the basis of Schlüter-BEKOTEC.  In addition to the products required to assemble floors, we have been offering a complete range of heating technology components from a single source under this brand name since 2003.  For more information, please visit: