Schlüter®-QUADEC profiles
A bestseller in a new look
Essen/Iserlohn - Schlüter-Systems has added to its program a new surface finishing option for its profiles. The new knurled option is now available for Schlüter-QUADEC finishing profiles for wall coverings, creating new options for this popular profile type with the square cross-section.
The finishing profiles can do much more than just cover unaesthetic tile edges at outside wall corners, skirtings, or transitions to masonry.  The elegant stainless steel or anodized aluminum design of the profiles adds visual appeal to ceramic coverings and gives them an individual appearance.
The demand for finishing profiles with square cross-sections such as Schlüter-QUADEC keeps growing. Schlüter-Systems has responded to this demand and is presenting the profile type with a knurled finish in Essen. The knurled finish will be available for the varieties aluminum natural anodized (AEX), aluminum titanium anodized (ATX), aluminum brass anodized (AMX), and aluminum quartz gray anodized (AQGX) from January 2010. They will supplement the stain, polished, and brushed profile varieties already established in the market.
As a consequence, tile installers can now offer their customers an even broader spectrum of individual design options in keeping with the motto of Schlüter-Systems, "More fun with tiles!"

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