Innovative products by Schlüter®-Systems
New Schlüter® profiles for thin coverings
Iserlohn. Large-scale pavers have been a favorite choice for a while. In a new development, tiles are not only getting larger, but also thinner. Schlüter-Systems is living up to its reputation as an especially innovative company and is now offering new profiles that were specially developed for these new, thinner ceramic tiles.

Kerlite is the latest innovation from Italy. It is a ceramic material enriched with a zirconium grain that is produced in thicknesses of just 3 mm. The innovative product is particularly suited for contemporary architectural solutions and their special requirements. It is more resistant than stone, lighter than aluminum, and more flexible and easier to install than conventional ceramic materials. Schlüter-Systems has recognized this trend and now offers a number of profiles in heights from 4.5 mm for working with Kerlite and other thin covering materials.

Schlüter-QUADEC is a high-quality finishing profile made of color-coated or anodized aluminum that offers excellent edge protection for outside wall corners and the edges of tile coverings. The exposed area of the profile forms the right-angled outside corner of the tile covering. The Iserlohn-based company will offer the high-quality finishing profile in a height of 4.5 mm from January 2010 to offer neat finishing options for wall coverings made with Kerlite ceramics. This applies both to aluminum profiles with metallic anodized surfaces and to the color-coated varieties. To match the tile colors of the Italian ceramics product, the Schlüter assortment has been expanded by 3 new colors: traffic gray  pearl white, and quartz gray. The following new products represent additional profiles in the Schlüter-Systems program that are suitable for use with Kerlite or other thin covering materials:
Schlüter-RONDEC-E (from 4.5 mm) is a symmetrically rounded stainless steel profile for outside wall corners and covering edges that is available in a variety of finish options. Schlüter-SCHIENE (from 2 mm) is a special profile that finishes and protects the edges of tiled surfaces. It can also be used in conjunction with other covering materials. The joint spacer defines a joint chamber with the tile. With Schlüter-DILEX-EKSB (from 2.5 mm), the Iserlohn-based company has created a movement profile with edge protection for coatings and other thin floor coverings. It consists of lateral stainless steel anchoring legs that are connected to a fixed elastic insert of soft synthetic material.
Schlüter-Systems also has a solution for stairs made with thin covering materials. Schlüter-TREP-E is a stair-nosing profile made of stainless steel with a special anti-slip profile and a height of just 5 mm.

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