Barrier-free showering with Schlüter®-KERDI-SHOWER

Iserlohn. The product portfolio of Schlüter-Systems covers a wide range of profiles and system solutions for the installation of tiles and natural stone. The KERDI-SHOWER system for barrier-free showers is an innovative addition to this portfolio.

Schlüter-KERDI-SHOWER is a floor drain system for the simple and reliable installation of barrier-free showers. The innovative system particularly stands out for its low assembly height of just 100 mm. A 60-mm leveling board allows for the quick height adjustment of horizontal draining assemblies without the use of mortar. The sloped tray already has the necessary gradient of ≥ 2% for proper drainage. Depending on the selected size, the thickness of the sloped tray ranges from 32 to 40 mm, which results in an overall height of less than 100 mm (without covering). The leveling board is not required in case of vertical drain connections directly through the floor substrate. In these assemblies, the construction height is even less (32 to 40 mm plus covering material). There is no thinner system for horizontal floor drains in Germany.
Schlüter-KERDI-SHOWER is easy to install and includes an intelligent construction with an odor trap at the grate. The innovative floor drain system is suitable for rounded and angular shower designs and is available in the sizes 90 x 90, 100 x 100, 120 x 120, and 150 x 150.

The leveling board is vertically and horizontally adjusted on the substrate with a small amount of mortar.
The installer removes the drain cover and connects the floor drain to the wastewater pipe.
In a next step, the sloped tray is adhered over the leveling board with a dry-setting thin-set mortar.
The installer applies a small amount of thin-set mortar in the well and attaches the insert to the floor drain.
The special Schlüter-KERDI collar, installed with the adhesive Schlüter-KERDI-COLL, creates a waterproof transition to the assembly.
The installation of tiles or natural stone coverings can begin as soon as the entire waterproofing assembly has been tightly sealed. No waiting is required.

Schlüter-KERDI-SHOWER is also available as a set in a number of variations. Schlüter-KERDI-SHOWER-T is a substrate board with a 2% slope for the direct installation of tiles in barrier-free showers. It is designed to accommodate the floor drain Schlüter-KERDI-DRAIN-
BASE, an especially low floor drain that is suitable for installation in conventional barrier-free shower designs or for combination with Schlüter-KERDI-SHOWER components. The odor trap is integrated into the grate frame insert and is height-adjustable to match tiles or coverings with a thickness of 3 mm to 30 mm. The set also includes a Schlüter-KERDI waterproofing collar that covers the entire component. The set Schlüter-KERDI-SHOWER-TC includes an additional two-part leveling board.
The company also offers the waterproofing set Schlüter-KERDI-SHOWER-SK for barrier-free showers. It includes Schlüter-KERDI for waterproofing the wall areas of showers as well as the corresponding prefabricated parts for interior corners and pipe sleeves. The set also features Schlüter-KERDI-BAND sealing tape for waterproofing the abutting seams of the membranes and floor-wall transitions, a Schlüter®-KERDI-DRAIN-BASE floor drain, and Schlüter-KERDI-COLL sealing adhesive for waterproofing the sealing tapes and prefabricated parts. Schlüter-KERDI-SHOWER-SK is suitable for conventional barrier-free showers and for combination with the floor components Schlüter-KERDI-SHOWER-T and -TC.

Barrier-free designs for shower installations are steadily gaining importance. Schlüter-KERDI-SHOWER is an innovative product for installers of tiles and natural stone who are looking for maximum ease and reliability.

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