Protection Best Decision

During a £1m refurbishment, a hotelier in Bath was not initially convinced that a full essential tiling protection system was needed for the ten en-suite bathrooms.

However, shortly afterwards he was relieved he had finally taken the tiler's advice to install the complete system, because it prevented a flooding disaster.

Local tiling contractor Adrian Jennings recommended Schlüter-DITRA and Schlüter-KERDI for waterproofing, Schlüter-KERDI-DRAIN to provide floor drainage in the centre of the bathroom floor, and Schlüter-REMA to create a concealed access panel in jacuzzi baths in two superior deluxe rooms. 

Just  five  weeks  after the One Three  Nine  boutique  B & B ( reopened following the refurbishment, a fault developed in a jacuzzi bath's pump system, which caused a leak behind the 600 x 400 large format stone fronting the bath. It went unnoticed until the jacuzzi was switched on and tripped the electrics.

"Because Schlüter-REMA had created a concealed access panel we were able to get at the pipework and the electrics without damaging the tiles on the bath," said Adrian Jennings.

"By that time four inches of water had built up in the space behind the tiles, but the tanking with Schlüter-DITRA and Schlüter-KERDI did its job of preventing any flooding, and if water had eventually come out onto the bathroom floor, Schlüter-KERDI-DRAIN would have stopped it reaching the bedroom."

He said that without Schlüter-REMA they would have had to destroy the tiles and damage the bath panel to gain access to the pump. "It would have been a right mess, but with Schlüter-REMA it only took a total of half an hour to get the panel off and put it back on."

One Three Nine owner David Lanz said the protection products prevented extensive damage from the leaking water, and stopped the problem becoming even a short-term inconvenience. "All we had to do was put the jacuzzi out of bounds for one night until the pump was replaced, so we were able to carry on using the superior deluxe bedroom, albeit at a reduced rate for that one night."

And he has now specified the same Schlüter protection in the bathrooms at his two other hotels in Bath which are due for refurbishment - the first one is scheduled to begin in January 2008.  "Now I've seen how they prevented a disaster here, I'd recommend these systems to everybody. It was the best decision to install them.  Prevention is definitely better than cure."

Both Schlüter-Systems Ltd (Tel: 01530 813396) and A. Jennings Ceramic & Stone Tiling (Tel: 01225 331177) are members of The Tile Association. The large format stone, along with a quantity of ceramic tiles, were supplied by Mandarin, with the Schlüter products and the Dunlop adhesive and grout supplied by Tileflair, at Longwell Green in Bristol.

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