Installing the acoustic membrane Schlüter-DITRA-SOUND directly onto the solid flooring in a new luxury penthouse apartment in the Derbyshire village of Duffield reduced the impact sound perception by more than half. Schlüter-DITRA-SOUND has been specially designed not only to reduce the impact sound of floor constructions (test values according to DIN EN ISO 140-8) but also to ensure that the tiled surface is highly durable.

The tiled kitchen and bathroom floors in five houses in the development were laid on a timber substrate, so the orange Schlüter-DITRA membrane was specified to uncouple the tiles, preventing stresses being transferred to the tiles. To finish and protect the edge of tiled splashbacks in the bathrooms, the symmetrically rounded Schlüter-RONDEC-PRO tile trim profile was used, with matching corner pieces.  

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