St Genevieves School
St Genevieves School

Essential protection was required for 5,700 square metres of tiling in corridors, walkways, landings, shower and changing rooms, toilets and steps, in the main building and changing facilities in the sports hall and gym at St. Genevieve's High School in Belfast. While Schlüter-DILEX-BWB protects individual tile fields at the school, Schlüter-DILEX-EKE absorbs movement at inside wall corners, the Schlüter-SCHIENE protects tile edges where they abut carpets, the Schlüter-RENO-V provides a transition between tiles and vinyl, and the Schlüter-RONDEC tile trim profile protects the outside corners of wall tiles.
div. Schlüter-DILEX-BWB
div. Schlüter-DILEX-EKE
div. Schlüter-RENO-V
div. Schlüter-RONDEC
St Genevieves School St Genevieves School St Genevieves School
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