Fosse Park
Fosse Park

A tiling company which uses Schlüter profiles every day came up with a novel use for a Schlüter transition profile in the heavily used food retail area at Fosse Park, Leicester.  As well as using Schlüter-RENO-EU stainless steel profiles to protect the edge of tiles where they abut other floor surfaces, Birmingham Tile and Mosaic Company have also used them to provide a perfect finish where wall tiles meet coved skirting.

"This unique use of Schlüter's product was the ideal solution to this particular problem. It really shows the versatility of the Schlüter-RENO-EU transition profile," says Birmingham Tile's Commercial Director, Richard Friebe. "We used transition profiles in the traditional way where floor tiles join other floor coverings, but we had a problem where the coved skirting met the wall tiles. The wall tiles were thinner, meaning that the skirting stood proud of them, giving an unhygienic dust ledge. It was our idea to use the Schlüter-RENO-EU in a vertical position to bridge the difference between the two. It's worked really well giving maximum protection and an excellent finish." Also, Schlüter-RONDEC was used to protect tiled corners, while Schlüter-DILEX-EKSN movement joint profiles created individual tile fields.

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Fosse Park Fosse Park
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